Record Review: Emily White

by | Jan 1, 2011 | Reviews

Emily White
The Resolution EP
Chicago, IL

“Doing it yourself gets it done right”

Emily White, a self-described indie folk singer/songwriter from Chicago, presents her newest release in The Resolution EP, the pay-off of the year for White, who embraces the DIY method, right down to self-set deadlines. The resulting six tracks on the release, most of which seem like sneak peeks down all the avenues, show White embarking on her continued musical journey.

“Little Lifeboat” opens the disc, and you might think you hear the soft beginnings of a Metric tune, with distorted guitars and a clever melody. The next two that follow, “Robot Hearts” and “One Wish,” bring the record into softer passages, utilizing simple instrumentation and catchy major chords.

But it’s “Underworld” that is the standout track of the release, where White gets it right on all accounts – the lyrics are strong, the melodic lines are fresh, and White’s vocals bring the listener to Kathleen Edwards’ territory. And with a stellar track like this, it’s easy to forgive the minor glitches and flaws of the record as a whole. Emily White proves that the DIY genre can churn out some great, great music. (Self-released)

Produced by Scott Lamps and Emily White // Recorded by Mark Whitcomb at DNA Studios, Madison, WI // Mixed by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios, Athens VT // Mastered by Peter Linnane