Eksi Ekso
Brown Shark Red Lion
Boston, MA

Crestfallen vocals and syncopated, mesmerizing songwriting”

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On their sophomore effort, Boston three-piece Eksi Ekso explores the surprising depths of interlacing conventional, matured vocals to a backdrop that’s as invigorating and bold as it is unusual and multifaceted.

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It’s not everyday one finds drums taking the spotlight (think Autolux’s Future Perfect) over guitars, vocals and supporting instrumentation. Percussion is offered up in liberal dosage: strong, unwieldy and hypnotic. Surprisingly, the trio bares a catalogue of backing instruments that varies between the expected drum, bass and guitar staples to unforeseen horns, keys, samples and electronic details.

“Traitor, Traitor” showcases the bands strengths, building dramatic epics through courageous songwriting. The song opens with subtle piano stride, ties into a percussive groove with sinister harmonies and strings, then crescendos before slipping into the nebulous shoegaze balladry of “Bellows to Brass Lens.”

Occasionally, the moodiness derails momentum with high-strung, emotionally vexing lulls (“Brown Shark, Red Lion” and “The Pilot and the Pod”) but the record always progresses into another beat-heavy romp. The high production polish is a tailored fit for the instrumentation and relentless complexity bidding for the listener’s attention. Brown Shark Red Lion is well-honed release for a band still closing in on its signature sound.

FORMAT: 2 x 12″

COLOR: Baby Blue

LP ART: Angela Silva


LABEL: The Mylene Sheath

Produced by Eksi Ekso

Mixed by Scott Solter at Baucom Road
Mastered by Dave McNair at Sterling Sound NYC

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