Record Review: Eastern Conference Champions

Eastern Conference Champions
Los Angeles, CA

“These champions earn another win”

Speak-ahh, the first full length from Eastern Conference Champions in four years, demonstrates tremendous growth and maturity. Their sound has developed and is rawer and bare bones, fitting beautifully with their style of play and with lead singer Josh Ostrander’s gritty vocals. The album is much darker than their debut and conveys a great depth of emotion and talent.

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Despite the darker subject matter, there are several catchy and upbeat songs, including “Attica,” “Sunshine” and “Hurricane,” that provide listeners with a shot of energy. They feature fast guitar riffs and driving percussion, as Ostrander allows his voice to swell to its breaking point. ECC pairs these well with slower and more contemplative tunes. “Hell or High Water” and “Where From Here” are perfect examples. More melancholy in sound, the first utilizes deep piano notes and steady snare drum beats, while the latter relies on soft vocals and a simple melody to create a haunting atmosphere.

Speak-ahh shows significant thought and effort. Many bands find it difficult to produce a solid and impressive piece of work after taking such a lengthy hiatus, but ECC proves that it can be done. The album is well constructed and heartfelt. (RockHampton Records)

Produced and mixed by Eastern Conference Champions // Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

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