Record Review: Dub Is a Weapon

Dub Is a Weapon
New York, NY

“Old school hip-hop grooves in a dub world”

Brooklyn’s Dub Is a Weapon has created an album of kaleidoscopic sounds. Vaporized is a nine track record loaded with energy and creativity. With seven individuals, fronted by Dave Hahn, bringing a range of talents to the scene, it’s not surprising that the album encompasses so much.  They infuse reggae, funk, hip-hop and dub, providing a bit of everything for the listener.

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The melodic and well-constructed grooves are incessant. Ben Rogerson shines on rhythm guitar and bass and Maria Eisen’s tenor sax is intoxicating. Tracks like “Asheville” and “Persistence” are high energy and riddled with complex composition. The intricate combinations of percussion, key chords, and guitar create a more “in your face” sound than one might initially expect from this genre. More mellow tunes like “Destiny” and “Curve Pellagrous” help to maintain a balance and keep the album well rounded. The band keeps listeners hooked till the end, incorporating a wacky slide whistle and distantly echoing sax notes on “Insurrection.”

There is a clear atmosphere created on Vaporized, one that reaches outside the normal boundaries of dub, and one that is thoroughly enticing and enjoyable. (Harmonized Records)

Recorded at More Sound Studio, Syracuse, NY // Engineered by Jason “Jocko” Randall // Mastered by Jim Wilson at Jim Wilson Mastering, Boulder, CO

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