Record Review: Demon’s Claws

Demon’s Claws
The Defrosting Of
Montreal, QC

Too often nowadays, bands try to develop a sound that is as complex as their musical tastes, and usually end up falling short with their pseudo postmodern Led Zeppelin mix of ’90s rock with keyboards. Not Demon’s Claws. On The Defrosting Of, the band displays their sound in a way that not only reflects their trans-generational musical interests, but also does it in a manner that reminds you of your previous musical obsessions.

The Defrosting Of acts like a time machine, in that it reminds you of the first time you heard Black Flag in high school with songs like “Laser Beams,” or the poster of Johnny Cash you had in your bedroom with songs like “Fucked on K” and “You’ll Always be my Friend.” They even dabble with the rudimentary drumbeats and echoing vocals of The Velvet Underground on “Fed From Her Hand” and “Mona’s Lunch.” Though they cover so much ground with their varying style, they do it whole-heartedly, showing the listener with each song both their musical influences and their interpretation of the artists who have affected them over the years. (In The Red Records)

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