Record Review: Deerhoof

Deerhoof vs. Evil
San Francisco, CA

“Dissonant guitars and dance freak-outs”

The electronic noise freak rock of Deerhoof always seems to march forward and barge into the arms of anyone that will dance with them. Deerhoof vs. Evil is no exception. Stepping into the opener “Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia,” is analogous to a Floridian stepping into fresh fallen snow, or an Arctic native digging their bare toes into pristine beach sand. Now wait a few moments, because festive dancing will inevitably commence.

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Present: dissonant guitars, angelic vocals, poppy dance hall electronics and percussion verging into blistering demonology. But instead of battling the evil as the album title portends, the progressively maturing Deerhoof seems to be reveling in this musical orgy of gods and demons. “Let’s Dance To Jet” sounds like something out of a spy film. Swerving into a whole new direction, “I Did Crimes For You” is an electronic-folk battle cry, yet it mellows down into a beautiful mourning surrender.

This latest experimentation from Deerhoof culminates into a polished, fantastically arranged record that will surely blow away both longtime listeners and fresh rookies. (Polyvinyl)

Recorded by Deerhoof // Mixed and mastered by Greg Saunier // Art direction by Matthew Goldman

-Christina Dore

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