Record Review: David Bazan

David Bazan
Strange Negotiations
Seattle, WA

“Near-perfect fusion of lyrical content and musicianship”

More of the same is definitely not a bad thing when it is coming from a songwriter as consistent as David Bazan. Strange Negotiations, the second solo LP from the Pedro the Lion frontman, was recorded with money raised from merchandise sales and donations from his loyal fans. Longtime followers of Bazan will not be disappointed as everything that makes his music so intimate and engaging is as present as ever.

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Standout tracks include “Wolves at the Door,” with its thumping bass and percussion, and “Messes,” with lyrics such as “everyone makes mistakes like it’s the only way we learn.” “Eating Paper” finds Bazan adding piano to buzzing guitar and hand claps amid a somewhat strained delivery, which only adds to the emotion of the song. This album is full of great tracks with even greater lyrics. (Barsuk Records)

Produced by David Bazan and Yuuki Matthews // Recorded and mixed by Steven Aguilar and David Bazan at BRS // Mastered by TW Walsh

-Micah McLain


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