Record Review: Dare Dukes + The Blackstock Collection

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Reviews

Dare Dukes + The Blackstock Collection

Thugs and China Dolls

Savannah, GA

“Intriguing lyrics and compelling vocals”

If you are looking for a songwriter with deep lyrics and a unique voice, then Dare Dukes + The Blackstock Collection is the band for you. The new album Thugs and China Dolls combines a variety of different instruments with striking lyrics that will leave you scratching your head in pleasant bewilderment.

The album’s title track introduces a simple piano part juxtaposed with gritty lyrics like “Tell them, tell them to fuck off, go to Hell.” The song “When the Sky Breaks” is refreshingly more energetic than the other tracks, with its fun banjo, piano and trumpet solos. Other notable numbers include “Lament of the Subway Rider,” with its interesting use of finger picking, and the closing track “Mighty Love,” with its excellent harmonies and swelling melody.

The real stand out track from the album is “Meet You at the Bus.” Opening with a sweet banjo and trumpet combo, the lilting melody is grounded by a steady beat. The harmonies between Dare Dukes and Claire Campbell / Anna Chandler are nothing short of beautiful, while lines like “Let’s be reckless, just the two of us” stick with the listener long after the track has ended. (Mazarine Records)

Produced by Dare Dukes and Suny Lyons

Engineered by Suny Lyons at Popheart Productions (Athens, GA)