Record Review: Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps

Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps
Little Wind
Minneapolis, MN

“Independently grown folk-pop with spunk”

Caroline Smith is a singer/songwriter poised for something great. Her talents are undeniable, as are those of her musical cohorts, the Good Night Sleeps. Little Wind is their second full-length release and a complete DIY project. The album takes the best parts of upbeat optimism and downtrodden melancholia and blends them together into a work rife with honesty and nostalgia.

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Smith’s hazy, unpolished voice is beautifully paired with thoughtful and majestic melodies. “Strong Shoulders” is a catchy tune driven by snare drum infused hooks. There is feeling of reclaiming one’s identity and moving forward. With the gently stroking of piano keys it moves quickly and suddenly into “Strong Shoulders Reprise” – a thoughtful and accepting finale.

“Eagle’s Nest” is where the record really develops its identity. Smith’s alto voice shines here as she sings a hymnal like anthem to love. “Scholarships” starts out with light bell notes and quickly progresses with determination and faster and harder percussion.

The album’s final track, “Birch Trees & Broken Barns” is truly impressive. Beautiful ukulele notes swirl above lyrics of memories and childhood innocence. There is something refreshing and intoxicating in the simplicity of this track. It is haunting in the best kind of way.

Little Wind has moments of being reminiscent artists currently on the scene but is utterly pleasant. The lyrics are thought provoking and the well-constructed compositions are refreshing. It is easy to see why Smith has garnered so much attention in the Midwest and why she is likely to do so elsewhere. (Self-released)

Recorded by Rob Oesterlin and Jason Orris
Engineered by Tim Kosel
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Hebers

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