Record Review: Carnivores

If I’m Ancient
Atlanta, GA

Recorded by Mike Wright at New Street Studio, and Cyrus Shahmir at Railroad Earth // Mixed by Cyrus Shahmir and Carnivores // Mastered by Travis Thatcher

The cream of the crop rises to the top with Carnivores’ If I’m Ancient. Hitting just about every new wave punk genre there is (lo-fi, tropicalia, garage, Southern, gothic), Carnivores grasp what it is to borrow from classic sounds and take them to another level with clever samples and fuzzy, distorted guitar work over busy beats. With sweet doo-wop voicing and pretty wordplay, Carnivores blend an updated version of Old Blue Eyes croons with a dark garage sound. This helps distinguish the band and keeps the listener interested in their variety, as evidenced on “Georgia Power Company,” a certain favorite. (Double Phantom Records)

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