Record Review: Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water
Twist Again
Los Angeles, CA

“An atmospheric and sincere pop masterpiece”

This album is phenomenal and is a summery, atmospheric pageant. It might be hasty to heavily praise the album in the first sentence of a review, but Twist Again avoids pop music redundancy and goes beyond simple catchy indie rock melodies that hipsters can apathetically bob their heads to.

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Bodies of Water have gone through an assortment of rotating musicians, while still retaining core couple David and Meredith Metcalf. With Twist Again, the additional instrumentation – from sultry violins to the exigent horns – expands the band into a vast, ocean of enigmatic lyrics and rich canorous procession.

The beginning of the album unveils the power of Meredith Metcalf’s vocal range. The short track “Triplets” has a blend of 1960s pop and, partly due to the soprano tones and hints, gospel. It’s not typical chapel gospel you hear while kneeling at the pew, but something that rises past the cosmos and heavens. The transition to “Mary, Don’t You Weep” is damn near perfect, especially with the opening line, “I will be a bridge for you/over waters dark and deep…” The vocals of the Metcalfs fit so flawlessly together, and now with the addition of trombones, bass clarinet, sax, trumpet and violin, Bodies of Water have recorded a pop masterpiece booming of sincerity and musical clarity. (Thousand Tongues Record Co.)

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