Record Review: Big Troubles

Big Troubles
Romantic Comedy
Ridgewood, NJ

“Innovative instrumental arrangement balanced with smooth vocals”

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Big Troubles’ recent full length, Romantic Comedy, takes a creative step out of the box and propels the band forward into a new, and somewhat different, sound from their last album, Worry. Listeners can take note of the smooth, pop-indie sound on each track and sing along to catchy lyrics from lead singer/songwriters, Alex Craig and Ian Drennan.

Whereas the songs on last year’s release seemed to focus more on experimental sounds rather than distinguishable lyrics, this recent album signifies the creative growth of the band.  Tracks off the album aren’t overly experimental and are aided by vocals that beg to be sung.  The tracks aren’t overwhelming and don’t leave listeners straining to hear lyrics.

The opener, “She Smiles for Pictures,” exemplifies the pop-inspired sound that is a prominent theme throughout the album.  The band’s first single, “Sad Girls,” has a bright sound that contrasts the dark message of doomed relationships.  Guilty pleasure courses through the veins while singing this one with a smile.

One of the strongest tracks on the album is “Never Mine,” which features guitar riffs and synth sections that are ridiculously creative and add a perfect balance to breezy vocals.  If one song off the album perfectly depicted the band’s new sound, this would be it. (Slumberland)

Produced by Mitch Easter

Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering

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