Record Review: Avalanche City

Avalanche City
Love Love Love
Auckland, New Zealand

(Roadrunner Records)

“Delightful sounds of the New Zealand’s shores”

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Dave Baxter spent many months in a house in New Zealand learning how to compose and write songs in the traditions of his home growing up, then spent some time in Kourawhero Hall, Auckland working on this crafty and delightful four song EP Love Love Love.

The title track kicks things off, bringing a sense of serenity, love and comfort to Baxter’s listeners. His intentions of portraying a feeling of home and security are fully realized, as the music is orchestrated with gorgeous precision.

Here you’ll find his haunting, soothing vocals, guitars, mandolins, banjos and riveting percussion. Taking the artist name Avalanche City, Baxter is a master at crafting and honing the sounds of the New Zealand coastal waters.

With songs like “The Streets” and “The Silence” (complete with jangly electric guitars and percussion laced in luxurious reverb), Baxter sings of longing for “love in life that lasts longer than the silence.” Perhaps it’s the silence of living a life without following one’s dreams, or fulfilling one’s purpose. Certainly with this musical project, Baxter has wonderfully discovered his true path of joy. Happy trails.

Recorded by Dave Baxter

Mastered by Reece Turnbridge at Benchmark Mastering

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