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Ash Reiter


San Francisco, CA

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“Velvety vocals layered over intricate instrumentals”

Ash Reiter and her indie-pop band from San Francisco have released their most recent EP, Heatwave, which will warm the hearts of listeners around the country.  Close your eyes and the six-track EP will serve as a temporary time machine, warping you back to your most relaxing beach day. With a smooth and mellow sound, Reiter’s voice makes for a calming listen on your most hectic day.

The single itself, “Heatwave,” has a rather beachy sound to it, which is a result of Reiter’s voice and guitarist Drew Brown’s intricate guitar riffs.  Reiter’s smooth vocals harmonize with Brown’s guitar-work, resulting in a beach-rock theme that is present within each track on the EP.  Scott Brown, who happens to be Drew Brown’s younger brother, plays bass lines that also add to that beach-rock vibe of the disc.

The second track, “I’m Gonna Try,” sounds pleasant to the ear and showcases Reiter’s vocal depth as well as in her songwriting abilities.  Loud ambiance and instrumental layering is featured on tracks such as “Won’t You Be My Muse,” and “Supercharged.”  These two tracks are standouts and showcase the intense drumming of Will Halsey and elaborate chordal work from the Brown brothers.  Listen to this band’s EP Heatwave and expect to feel relaxed, plain and simple. (Different Fur)

Produced by Koley O’Brien and Patrick Brown

Engineered by Patrick Brown

Recorded at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco

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