Record Review: Annalise Emerick

Annalise Emerick
Boston, MA


“Sincere, heartfelt lyrics layered upon intricate arrangements”

Annalise Emerick’s debut EP, Starry-Eyed, is one that is reminiscent of other singer/songwriters such as Ingrid Michaelson and Brandi Carlile.  Starry-Eyed has been the center of conversation on many blog sites and caught the attention of listeners around the country.

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Each song on the EP has its own unique sound, ranging from upbeat rhythms to calming melodies. Emerick’s opening track, “You Win,” begins with an upbeat banjo-picking style accompanied by acoustic strumming, resulting in a catchy opening track.
Although the catchy tracks are a fun listen, the slower ballads are the standout numbers that showcase Emerick’s vocal abilities and creativity.  “Round and Round” and “Time of Day” prove that sometimes less is more, as Emerick’s strong vocals accompany an array of string pieces.  “Time of Day” is a beautiful track that opens with a simple bass line and acoustic guitar.  The song builds slowly and reaches its climax while strings and strong backing vocals catapult the music into an entirely different realm of excellence.
Emerick’s music is relatable and undeniably good.   She has been called a musical gypsy, as she seems to travel from city to city performing her songs.  After listening to this EP, it is evident that she will gain a strong fan base wherever her travels takes her.
Produced by Brad Hill

Mastered by John Baldwin

Recorded at Hill Studios

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