Record Review: Animal Nation

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Hip-Hop & Electronic, Reviews

Animal Nation
Basti Made Me Do It
Whistler, BC

“Kenny G’s first hip-hop album”

Canadian hip-hop should sound like the Beastie Boys in their heyday, and Animal Nation apparently never got that memo. This six song album has a very European rap vibe to it, which makes sense because of their German DJ; more so though, it’s the vocal delivery that makes it European. Instead of going for a rougher, hardcore vocal style, the group aims for the sexy, and not just on “Pillow Talk.” In fact, the overarching characteristic of this album is just that; it sounds like they’re trying to convince you to go to bed with them the whole time.

Musically, this is a fairly solid endeavor. Simple beats, with some interesting sample choices (including Step Brothers), make for an album that could have been put together by an act opening up for Tribe back in the day. Unfortunately, Q-Tip is not the lyricist. “Experience is learning and learning is keeping life” is a great lyric, but at times it’s surrounded by word choices that don’t hold the same luster. During “Blessin,” guest vocalist Weezl drops a few rhymes over the best beats on the whole album. Just something for them to consider. (Camobear Records)

Produced by Animal Nation and Sebastian Hochstein