Record Review: Allo Darlin’

Allo Darlin’
Allo Darlin’
London, United Kingdom

“And allo to you, too”

Allo Darlin’ makes danceable pop music full of fun pop culture allusions.  Their self-titled, full-length debut mingles ukulele with steel guitar and lighthearted, upbeat vocal harmonies. Vocalist Elizabeth Morris, also of Tender Trap, strums her ukulele while singing breezy songs like “Silver Dollars,” about a platonic relationship she hopes will turn romantic after enough gin and tonics.  The vocals on the opening track, “Dreaming,” are reminiscent of the Magnetic Fields due to the addition of English singer/songwriter Monster Bobby, whose baritone crooning adds that morose Stephin Merritt quality to the song.

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Allo Darlin’ manages to incorporate the best aspects and components of an exuberant high school garage band: all of the whimsy and none of the caprice. Elizabeth Morris, with her gentle lilt, sweetly sings of innocence and desire but never lets the listener forget she’s lived, longed, and lost. The band’s economy of language and sincerity of expression create a perfect storm of memorability, guaranteeing a strong desire to play the album over again, and will have you humming some new tunes throughout the day. (Fortuna Pop! Records)

Produced by Simon Trought // Recorded at Soup Studios

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