Record Review: AC Deathstrike

AC Deathstrike

Winter in Russia

Jacksonville, FL

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“Fuzzy, cheerful, simplistic indie pop”

AC Deathstrike’s Winter in Russia is the perfect mix of effortless melodies intertwined with fuzzy guitar riffs and lingering lyrics. Alex Dougherty and Adel Bengo complement each other’s vocals beautifully, while upbeat tempos and short snippets of songs are more like brief bursts of cheer. The album is contagiously optimistic, and at the same time, soothing and serene.

“Winter in Russia,” the album’s first track, sets the stage with upbeat synthesizers and breezy tunes.  The tracks move from one to another thereafter in a story-like fashion, while Dougherty’s and Bengo’s vocals complement layers of sustaining harmonies, crashing symbols, and hazy guitar riffs. Although upbeat, the melodies are often contrasted by melancholy lyrics, like those heard in “Open Your Eyes.” “Door in the Floor,” the album’s ninth track, is a welcomed, pared-down song showcasing child-like vocals with subtle, crashing symbols in the background.

The album symbolically ends with the track “Snowflake,” where a pared-down piano melody is a surprise twist of sorts. It is simplistically haunting and an unexpected end to a brilliantly complex, yet fun collection of indie-pop tunes. (Healthy Hearts)

Produced by AC Deathstrike

Mixed by Alex Dougherty, Ryan Turk, and Nick Palmer

Mastered by Will Snyder at Real Feel Recording

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