Record Review: A.A. Bondy

A. A. Bondy
Birmingham, AL

“Born to lose and born to win”

Believers is the newest record by former Verbena front man A. A. Bondy. The ten folk/rock songs carry the listener along on Bondy’s latest journey of reflection and introspection, enhanced by his heartfelt vocals and further amplified by the ache heard within them.

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The album opens with “The Heart is Willing,” with its multi-dimensional, swirling music cavorting around the steady pulsating beats, which can also be heard on “Skull & Bones” and “Drmz.” Slow, flickering notes amplify the forlorn tone of “Down in the Fire (Lost Sea)” behind the vocals “I am home, wherever that may be.” “123 Dupuy Street” is a very short, but powerful instrumental piece.

The very prog sounding beginning on “Surfer King” quickly surrenders to a more county styled twang as the song progresses. The interestingly titled “Hiway/Fevers” features fast paced beats in the background, with slower paced layers up front. “The Twist” has an edgy, Old West vibe that conjures up vivid imagery of cowboys and horses out on the desolate plains. The ebb and flow of the shimmering percussion on “Route 28/Believers” and the slow-motion musical dance of “Scenes From a Circus” close out the tracklist.

The inter-mingling of genres, varied musical pacing, and Bondy’s tender vocals create a unique, multi-faceted musical experience for listeners. (Fat Possum Records)

Recorded by Rob Schnapf

Recordedat Mant/Kingsize Studios in Glassell Park, CA

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