VINYL OF THE MONTH: Young Antiques

Young Antiques
Fucked Up In Public
Atlanta, GA

“In the Dirty South, punk snot dead”

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Arriving on a 7-inch slab of swirly, colored vinyl with a mock-Ramones logo adorning the label, one would be quick to assume what’s in store on Fucked Up In Public, and they’d probably be pretty close. Chant-along choruses? Check. Loud, distorted guitars? Check. Music to piss off your parents? Check.

And you know what? It’s just the shot in the arm that the all-too-serious indie rock scene needs. If you’ve recently traded in your sense of fun for a pair of ironic Buddy Holly glasses, you might want to check out this 3-song blast of contagious energy, and remember what it was like when you first fell in love with the power of music. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your friends at the vegan supermarket. It’ll be our little rock ‘n’ roll secret.

Fucked Up In Public appropriately kicks off with the raucous, garage rock title track before segueing into equally blistering “Gotta Get Over You,” clocking in at a punk-approved 1:40. A live version of “Is It On?” closes out the 7-inch, proving that Young Antiques have a penchant for great college-rock as well, something many of their post-punk peers lack. Being able to switch gears between straight up pop-punk and Paul Westerberg song structures makes Fucked Up In Public a well-rounded disc, and one well worth dropping the needle on. (Self-released)


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