Record Review: Young Antiques

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Punk, Reviews

Young Antiques
A Man, Not A Biography
Atlanta, GA

“Forward-looking throwback rock with a sense of purpose”

What’s the big deal about samplers anyway? Rock music started with a stringed instrument and a late-night deal at the crossroads. Atlanta trio Young Antiques are back to remind everyone of this fact with A Man, Not A Biography, a concise record with enough overdriven chords and bent Telecaster licks to please the most discerning of bar brawl purists.

“Got to get wasted /Got to get free,” sings frontman Blake Rainey on “Fucked Up In Public,” his voice bursting with the kind of hysterical abandon apropos of the situation. It’s a visceral tone, if a little overused throughout the record – even on “Daydream Fields,” Biography’s most melancholy, reflective track, Rainey often sounds a little more juiced than jaded.

Biography works best when it exudes effortless swagger. “Supermodel” is an ode to one badass lady friend who was ultimately too much to deal with. In spite of the “I’m overwhelmed, this chick is crazy” lyrics, the band sounds more in the pocket than ever, riding a relaxed, flangerized groove and providing spot-on harmonies from bow to stern. Young Antiques can tear down the rafters to great results, but it’s when they rock at their own pace that they sound most like themselves. (Two Sheds)

Produced and Recorded by Mike Wright, Dan Dixon and Patrick “Tigger” Ferguson

Mastered by Jimmy Ether

Mixed by Adam McIntyre and Jimmy Ether