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The Humms


Athens, GA

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“A jagged but spirited sensory assault”

Fueled by static-y reverb and a hurried sense of urgency, The Humms’ debut Lemonland is a fast paced, no-holds-barred album. Covering everything from psychobilly to punk-infused country, there is no genre, nay no topic, off limits to these Georgia natives. They dive into their insanity with determination and a desire to share it all.

Lemonland kicks things off with “Blood Sucking Vampire,” a riotous and unrestrained bombardment of sound. The atmosphere of the album is haunting and with the progression of tracks, the journey’s destination becomes less and less clear. “Don’t Think About Death” has an intoxicating ’60s surf punk sound, but with its monstrous backing vocals, is a bit terrifying.

Following the lullaby of “Close Your Ears” is the anxiety ridden “Stranger in My Car,” another infectiously dark track.  The album ends on a mellow, introspective note with “When I Wake,” a far cry from the chaos of the start; it beautifully conveys the band’s range.

Lemonland cannot be pigeonholed; it’s soft, it’s rough, it’s fast, it’s slow, it’s simply great. The band moves in a million directions but always with a sense of purpose. The Humms have successfully created an album that is not only addictive and creative, but one that proves this band can hold its own in today’s music scene. (Gypsy Farm Records)

Recorded and Produced by Zeke Sayer

Packaged by hand by the band

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