Record Review: Chixdiggit

Safeways Here We Come
Calgary, AB

“Delightfully delirious pop-punk for prom queens”

In 1990, Chixdiggit started by selling t-shirts for a fake band who didn’t even own instruments. The original group of Canadians spent the next six years composing their debut (and by composing we mean learning to play) only to re-release it 11 years later. All this pomp and circumstance accompanies the airy and celebratory feeling pervading the tracks on their latest release, Safeways Here We Come.

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All the tracks on the EP were written by vocalist/guitarist KJ Jansen and ride the faux anthemic sound reminiscent of bands like the Groovie Ghoulies. The power chords carrying “Swedish Rat” compliment the clapped rhythm on “Found Love.” The back-up vocals add to the quality of high school punk from the generation that fell in love with the Bouncing Souls, NOFX and many other Fat Wreck and Honest Don bands. In fact, Chixdiggit may have generated much of its following riding coattails of compilations for these and other labels, but with Safeways…, the group starts again and targets fans who will appreciate an artful tongue-in-cheek act. The EP ends as quickly as it begins and stays tender and juicy throughout.

Tracks such as the opener “Miso Ramen,” “Hot and Horny” and “I Hate Basketball” will surely garner attention from sophomoric fans looking for a fast-paced, light-hearted, lose-yourself-at-the-prom feeling. (Fat Wreck Chords)

Recorded at Airwaves and Broom Closet // Produced by KJ Jansen // Engineered and mixed by Russell Broom // Mastered at Infinite Wave

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