Record Review: Big D and the Kids Table

Big D and the Kids Table
For the Damned, the Dumb, and the Delirious
Allston, MA

“Ska-punk from Boston raises a toast to the bar”

Remember when ska ruled the world? Yes for a few short years (months?) you couldn’t get away from the third-wave “punk with horns” sound that exploded onto MTV. Luckily for fans of this bygone era, Big D and the Kids Table are still around, proudly waving their checkered flag. For the Damned, the Dumb, and the Delirious is the band’s 7th full-length album and third release on SideOneDummy Records. The record mostly sticks to the formula the group has been plugging away at since 1995: hyped-up punk rock with horns, stirred to taste.

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At 18 songs, it’s a lengthy effort that probably could have been trimmed down to about 12 tracks. It hits its stride at about track 11 with “Home.” “Zombies on Wall Street” will keep the band geek mafia circle pitting well into the night. “Best of Them All” is a direct nod to the musical formula of fellow Massachusetts punk vets the Dropkick Murphys.  All in all it’s a solid record for the genre. If you like this music, you’ll like THIS music. Plain and simple. (SideOneDummy)

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