Pegasus Dream

In Absentia

Portland, OR

(SoHiTek Records)

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“Psychedelic pop with an electronic twist”

In Absentia has earned the right to a presence on your stereo. Portland-based band Pegasus Dream oozes psychedelic rock wrapped up in an indie electro-pop blanket. The music features a hypnotic mix of rattling synthesizers and poppy guitars that transform the underbelly of noise into catchy tunes. Front man JT Lindsey brings cool and distant vocals to his bright guitar chords while Andy Carlson layers ringing keys and Jeff Bond ties the sounds together with tight percussion.

Their choruses are simple and iconic. They’re statements, proposals, and laments. “Safe Word” repeats, “I adore you;” “Spring Break,” a simple question. “Oxen Free” travels through a lamenting tune with sharp guitar hooks and “In Absentia” opens the record with a bubbling slice of layered synths. “Righteous Tiger” welcomes a more classic rock vibe with a smooth line of electric guitar following every chorus.

The five-song EP keeps a consistent tone, perfect for the short run time of 18 minutes. The quick play-through urges listeners to keep their eyes peeled for another PD full-length that will fully explore the creative complexity that this group has proven themselves capable of.

Produced and Mixed by JT Lindsey and Jeff Bond

Mastered by John McCaig



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