Misfit Mod – “Islands & Islands”

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Hip-Hop & Electronic, Reviews

Misfit Mod
Islands & Islands
London, UK
(Stars & Letters Records)

“Down-beat electronic noveau”

Utilizing audio mosaics that bleed aloneness and introverted benevolence, Misfit Mod’s debut captures art-school girl posh, allusive love and breathy chords. Drafty melodies carry the 11-track LP through the full cascade of human emotions.

Operating under the consonance-heavy moniker, New Zealand-born Sarah Kelleher crafts aqueous melodies and synthesizer wisps that ebb and flow over distant and calm rhythms, landing somewhere between ambience and existentialism.

The album’s first single, “Sugar C.,” is a moody slide of chamber music minimalism crooning a soft question of escape: “Sugar Cane, can you tell me how to get away from this town?”

Like musical Spin Art where the colors are the deepest blues and most sullen purple hues, Kelleher delves deep into the corners of the human mood room, as Islands & Islands carries a heavy sense of jetlag drone and sleepless-night serenity.