Mary C

Right on Time

New York, NY

(Chantress Music)

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“Strong voice delivering an upbeat blend of soul, funk and pop”

As a white girl with a big voice recording soul-driven pop in 2012, it is inevitable for Mary C to avoid comparisons with Adele (it would have been Amy Winehouse in 2007).  But frankly, the comparisons would be positive.  The daughter of actress/jazz musician Mercedes Hall and sister of Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall, Mary C first blended funk, soul, pop and jazz on her 2010 album Off the Line. Her sophomore effort, the EP Right on Time, is a boogie-inducing 18-minute romp.

You won’t find any overwrought ballads on this album, with electronic undertones providing upbeat tonalities, but, as expected, the album’s real star is Mary C’s voice.   Whether she’s crooning about a bad day on “Get Me Through” or growling about desire on “Love Automatic,” Mary C’s sound may not be entirely original but it is fun.  Some of the songs, like the slower “Paper Moons,” drag a bit and are too derivative of other artists in order to enjoy entirely.  But if you’re not shaking your ass and reaching for your hairbrush microphone to sing along with the rocking “Back to Me,” you might want to check your pulse.

Produced by Mike Tuccillo and Jason Wexler

Recorded at ProMixMaster Studios NYC

Engineered by Richard Ahee and Jamie Siegel

Mastered by Rick Essig


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