Lotus – “Build”

Philadelphia, PA
(SCI Fidelity Records)

“Take a trip with funk-laced electronica”

The newest offering from electronic mainstay Lotus, Build, has the band straying further from its softer jam band roots in favor of its more rock-and-funk-infused electronic sound. Think less Grateful Dead and more Aphex Twin. 

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The record, which was recorded live to analog tape right down to the horn section, leans more into house music than past Lotus albums. Tracks like “What Did I Do Wrong” are heavy with Hammond organ and synths.  The so-hot-right-now modulated bass also makes an appearance on “Ashcon.” There are even elements of hip-hop in opener “Break Build Burn.” And “Neon Tubes Part 2” would be right at home nestled in the lineup of any rave.

Fans happy with the Lotus of the last few years will be pleased. This beat-driven album is conducive to hours of noodle dancing. Catch the band on tour behind the album this winter and spring.


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