Live Review: Tokimonsta at Camp Bisco X

Composed, waiting for Nadastrom to finish his set, Tokimonsta stood ready to take the stage. As the only lead female electronic musician at Camp Bisco X, Tokimonsta was a breath of inspirational air. Tokimonsta created a sound that mixed trip-hop with a splash of ambient trans-vibes, sprinkling a bit of every musical genre here and there. She made it seem effortless. The crowd was completely enamored and engaged by the complex soundscapes Tokimonsta creates. Her vibe were much different than other electronic musicians at Camp Bisco X; she did not jump up and down with the beat, raise her hands, shout out to the crowd, or play silly gags onstage. Instead her energy, power, enthusiasm, and ability to move the crowd was translated with her intense facial expressions and directly through the speakers. What came out of those speakers seemed to be an extension of herself, a feat for any musician from any genre to ascertain.

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  1. Rory Knight

    July 20, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Man did toki have an incredible set! Im just wondering if anyone has footage from the stage looking into the crowd other than the two videos on youtube. Really any other videos of her performance would be appreciated. Please and thanks!

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