Live Review: Timbre Coupe at The Big Up 2011

Timbre Coup takes their time getting to the point, but there’s no real rush. They’re more about the journey. Timbre Coup’s path winds from cool and laid back to funky, stomping and aggressive. In all seriousness, they shred hard and appear relatively unassuming. You wouldn’t expect it, I know, I certainly didn’t. They had the crowd up in arms, big eyes bobbing in amazement as sweat drenched the performers and rainwater poured over the festival.

Timbre Coup’s psychedelic, electro-prog-rock is both interesting and unexpected. The band accents their sound with flutters of pop songwriting, soul, hip-hop, and dance music. My friend looked from the guitarist over to me, and back again. “Can you believe that guy?” he pointed wildly, dancing off into the rain. I smiled, breaking into a laugh, and followed him into the crowd. This was one of those moments where the music had to be good for you to bear the harsh reality of a music festival amidst a rainstorm, and Timbre Coup gave you every reason to want to get a little muddy.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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