Live Review: The Infamous Stringdusters at All Good 2011

The Infamous Stringdusters put on a hell of a performance at All Good this year. They were fitted into a bill brimming with unique and interesting bluegrass outfits, standing out amongst the crowd as an act who’s musical prowess has gotten the others beat. They’re music amounts to a more traditional bluegrass sound, with homey, country vocals, replete with the usual harmonic quality in bluegrass music. It’s evident that they create intricate compositions that speak to something a little bigger than the country/folk/bluegrass crowd. The Infamous Stringdusters manage to straddle this line where they play remarkable, traditionally-inspired bluegrass tunes, but soften them with folk-songwriting and resilient jamming. At the very bottom of their music is a bastion of soul, supported by impressive musicianship and an evolution of bluegrass-inspired sounds (from jazz to rock to country) that make the Stringdusters one of the more dynamic smaller acts at All Good 2011.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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