Live Review: The Frail and Music for Animals

by | Feb 1, 2011 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

Slim’s // San Francisco, CA //December 16

Even though it was raining outside, the energy showed up way before the bands arrived at Slim’s. The Frail headlined a great night of music at the popular SOMA hotspot, following Music for Animals and Fans of Jimmy Century.

Fans of Jimmy Century opened up with a twisted, eclectic set – complete with motorcycle helmets, Santa hats and Bollywood-esque attire and dance. To be honest, it was a bit over-the-top. Synthesized beats bounced off the tightly packed interior as listeners sipped cocktails and mingled – but not exactly paying attention to the stage. It was just enough to grab the audience’s attention for what was to be a great upcoming performance, but their overall sound was just underwhelming, not to mention a bit freaky.

MFA took the stage and immediately killed it with their upbeat, seductive sound. Their website claims “Music for Animals is a cult. Be with us,” and it seemed evident that a few of its members were amongst the crowd. Molly Ringwald’s twin was upfront and center, exchanging desperate smiles and flirty grins with the bassist as they rocked to “Love Love Love.” Their fan base is huge, having originated as a San Francisco band, and they kept it going strong through the set. Lead singer Jayson Martinovich was clad in a multicolor blazer and swooned the audience with the delicious chorus of “Bi or Curious,” as his hipster hair and drumsticks banged forward in unison.

Their glorious melodies and arrangements raised expectations for The Frail’s performance – but fear not, the band came out cognizant of their surroundings and ready to rock. While playing in a studio doesn’t always translate well to playing live, The Frail’s groovy electro-pop vibes immediately transformed the crowd. Daniel Lannon proved why the band has been touring with such popular names for the past few months – combining an effervescent bass with spellbinding synths seemed appropriate coming from guys who were oozing sweat mixed with passion. Their sound mimics bands such as The Hush Sound or Head Automatica (circa Bamboozle days), but their silver-tongued lyrics and indie-pop sound truly set them apart.

If show-goers have their way, this won’t be the last time both Music for Animals and The Frail grace Slim’s with their presence.