Live Review: That 1 Guy at All Good 2011

Somewhere between the thumping bass of Les Claypool and the untamed, silly genius that was Frank Zappa, you’ll find That 1 Guy. He plays screwy, fun tunes (like the one aptly named Buttmachine), that are fiercely creative. He creates unique noises, structuring his songs around odd tones and quirky melodies. While he’s as simple as a one-man-bad, That 1 Guy’s music is individualistic and unparalleled, summoning organically complex sounds. He calls what he plays the Magic Pipe, a creation of his own that allows him to explore the endless reaches of sonic terrain. As weird as all of this sounds, That 1 Guys live performance is transfixing. Watching him uncover the depths of his instrument with vigorous ardor is electrifying. The music that he creates, as outlandish as it can seem, turns itself into these throbbing, funky bass lines and beats. He caused the most hysterical dance party at All Good 2011, as people laughed, cheered, and swung their hips to That 1 Guy’s scintillating Magic Pipe.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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