Live Review: RAQ at The Big Up 2011

RAQ’s high-energy, psychadelic, prog-rock and roll is genius. Made up, much in the same way (and with many of the same members) as Kung Fu, RAQ is a supergroup of talent. The band’s jam rock is inherently classic. They manage to bring back an old-school style that has the relentless propensity to redefine and innovate. RAQ creates accessible, solid song structure within compositions that are highly improvisational, which allows for a concrete body of work that is easily translated into live settings. They started The Big Up’s last night of debauchery with a bang. As the sun took it’s final bow out of the sky, and the stage’s lights took hold of the night, guitarist Chris Michetti picked up a Budweiser and began to chug it. The crowd cheered, and Michetti, in seconds, was throwing an empty can at the front of the stage.

Like many of the other bands involved in TBU, RAQ’s excitement and energy was obvious. They treated the stage like they were home, raging for all of their closest friends.  With smiles cracking the edges of their faces, they opened the night to a glowing, dancing crowd.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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