Live Review: Performer Presents The 14th Annual One Night Stand

Slims// San Francisco, CA// February 4

Unlike most one night stands, it was one that most people did not regret. And it was one that brought an eclectic crowd of San Francisco residents to dance the night away at Slims as local bands performed their favorite cover songs. It was four hours of friends, dancing, drinking, and all in the company of good music. The best kind of one night stand there is.

February 4th’s Performer sponsored 14th Annual One Night Stand show featured performers from local bands paying tribute to music of the past. With such a variety of music covered, it would be hard to leave Slim’s without hearing a favorite.

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Bands like Who D’King, The Dorques, and The Butlers’ set lists paid homage to classic groups of the past (Cheap Trick, The Doors, Thin Lizzy). Others like The Ringwalds chose to play songs like “Kids in America” and “99 Luft Balloons,” knowing they would bring back memories and be crowd favorites.


It was a show that brought in all ages, with proceed benefiting local dog rescue shelters. Even if you only knew one or two songs performed, it all went to a good cause. It didn’t matter that some songs may have sounded better than others, or that some bands could have practiced once more before hitting the stage. Each performer had a lively and vibrant stage presence that had the crowd moving to the beats. They’ll have more people coming back next year. While going to see a band perform their original songs is always special, sometimes a timeless cover song and a great atmosphere is all you need for a good night of music.

-Michelle Embleton

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