Live Review: Mr. Lif at Camp Bisco

Repping Boston hip-hop on the festival circuit this summer, Mr. Lif (who we highlighted in Camp Bisco X Starts Today!) brought it back at Camp Bisco X with old school tunes, ending his set with an a cappella about  “over-a-billion-served” at  McDonalds. “I know a cappella’s aren’t popular at festivals,” he started, immediately falling into burger and fry-lines.

At one point, Boston’s own put on MJ’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” exchanging his black vest for a tie and popped collar. He spoke about working jobs you don’t love, and coming home to smoke “the finest shit.” “I like to fuck with the bong,” Mr. Lif said with that beautifully crazy, that pointed straight at you look he gets when he delivers his rhymes. He polished off his set list with “Because They Made It That Way,” shivering with the same electrifying fervor as he does in the video below.


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