Live Review: Locos Por Juana at Manifestivus 2011

The main reason that I ventured out to Manifestivus Friday evening was to see Locos Por Juana (see our Festival Preview of Manifestivus). The energetic, cumbia-inspired hip-hop group sings and rhymes in multiple languages and has developed a sound that is unique. Somewhere between salsa and rock, funk and hip-hop, lies Locos Por Juana. Powerful licks on the electric guitar, latin grooves, and a hip-hop way of life combine to form their international sound and electrifying dynamism onstage. From Colombia to Miami to the backwoods of Vermont, Locos Por Juana is ready to break out. You can see for yourself. Here’s a video of their performance last night:

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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