Live Review: Gilli Moon

by | Jul 25, 2011 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

Genghis Cohen // Los Angeles, CA // July 21

The Genghis Cohen got a taste of “the thunder from down under,” when Australian musician Gilli Moon performed this past Thursday night.  Moon has lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years and continues to produce albums that speak volumes to her audience.   She has total of six records under her belt and sang a number of selections from her catalog.  She also performed some great hits from her most recent release, The Stillness.

Moon’s passion for not only her own music, but music in general, was obvious as she performed with a sense of joy and confidence.  Snaps and claps filled the venue, coming from both the audience and Moon herself.  Moon’s songs were relatable to every woman in the crowd, as she sang from the heart about the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to find yourself during chaotic times.

Moon began the set with songs off her previous albums.  Those tracks were filled with honest messages of struggle and self-doubt.  She took the stage, headed over to her piano and belted out “Release Me,” from her 2005 release, Extraordinary Life. Like a self-therapy session, she seemed to calm herself and embrace the struggle as she delivered music from The Stillness. The central message of the album is the need for inner peace within oneself and to learn from past mistakes.

It was as though the crowd was watching Moon morph from a girl into a woman right before their eyes.  The tracks seem to solve all the immature, but normal problems that a girl faces during the journey of self-discovery. Her music makes us realize that the answers to our struggles can’t be found in others, but within ourselves.