Live Review: Death From Above 1979 at Camp Bisco X

by | Jul 10, 2011 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

I’d never heard of Death From Above 1979 before. I expected an electronic band. There was a lot of hype surrounding them, as the band had been broken up since 2006, and hadn’t released a new record since late 2004. What I didn’t expect was dance-metal. It’s a new take on drum-n-bass, with an explosion of bass notes and synths, shredding hard, married to loud, heavy drumming. Drummer Sebastien Grainger provides the main vocals, surprisingly well for someone playing with such fervor. Without an electric guitar, Death From Above 1979 managed to obliterate their set in the vein of a weird, punk-rock, freak-out, dance party. Kudos.

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