Live Review: Das Racist at Camp Bisco

Das Racist can be repetitive, silly, unfortunate, and ironic. Joke rap at its finest, one thing that must be said for the trio’s set at Camp Bisco X is the clarity with which they spit. Sound quality for emcees backed by DJs can be tricky at festivals. This set was put together well, and Das Racist’s energy and antics made for a lot of head bopping and a lot of laughs.

Going into the set I had my hesitations, but coming out I managed to garner a better appreciation for the blasé playfulness with which they half-commit to their rhymes. In a way, it’s fully hip-hop. Fun, self-interested, and theatrical with fat beats. Climbing all over the stage, blowing kisses at big breasted women in the crowd, throwing water on fans, and playing air guitar on the mic – Das Racist definitely left an impression.

words brought to you by M E G A L O M A N D E E

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