Live Review: Coyote Kolb, Abbie Barrett, and Kristen Ford

by | Jan 31, 2012 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

Where: Lizard Lounge – Cambridge, MA

Highlight: Passionate local music, spearheaded by an amazing performance by Kristen Ford.

Dark and intimate, the Lizard Lounge was packed to capacity. The red lighting and spattering of rugs on the floor gave the place a cozy feeling as couples sat around small tables. Despite being a small venue, the bands used the space well and put on terrific performances well worth the $10 cover charge.

The show started off with Coyote Kolb, a local Boston band. Featuring an impressive slide guitar with rich sound, this five-piece group opened the night with a chill and bluesy feeling. Next up was Abbie Barrett, a folk rock band from Somerville, whose songs ranged from dating to alcoholism. Fun and engaging, Abbie Barrett drew a large and supportive crowd. With vocals reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson, Barrett provided an entertaining and enjoyable set filled with surprises – the drummer actually used a tambourine instead of sticks during one song to create an inventive and new sound.

The real show-stealer of the night was the Kristen Ford Band (pictured above). Made up of a cello, violin, stand up bass, back up electric guitar and Kristen Ford on a Telecaster, this local band really delivered musically and lyrically. Her vocals were pleasantly husky and clear followed by crisp upstrokes as the songs took on a reggae vibe. There was a great rhythm and pace to the lyrics as harmonies from the fiddle and cello players blended nicely. The stand-out song of the evening was “Fairweather,” a sad yet beautiful number about lost love, featuring a nice use of finger picking and meaningful lyrics. The band clearly has a passion for music and the crowd responded in kind with a resounding request for an encore. It was a great night for local music, especially for the Kristen Ford Band.