Live Review: Big Gigantic at The Big Up 2011

After EOTO’s set on Saturday night, a friend and I were discussing the headliners. He talked about the difficulty he had getting into Big Gigantic. For him, the duo was too often predictable. He was more or less saying that they didn’t change it up enough – chords, melodies, loop patterns, etc.

While Big Gigantic occupies their sound well, sometimes their material could use a nice, long stretch. They played a lot of tracks off of their record A Place Behind The Moon, but the outfit’s remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” was expected and unimpressive.

Black And Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix) by BigGigantic

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Otherwise, the duo does Big Gigantic the way it should be done – gargantuan, loud, epic. Hip-hop’s marriage to the sax and bright beats never sounded so good. Big Gigantic makes soul music sparkle, pop and turn a little nasty at times. Hip-hop and electronic music is brought to another world – one that is simultaneously the subsonic frenzy of dubstep and the cheesy soundtrack to a love scene from an 80’s action movie. A stark departure from “Black and Yellow” was Big Gigantic’s sexy, delicately crafted original “The World Is Yours”.

The World Is Yours by BigGigantic

Big Gigantic’s set was one of the first that I spent most of in the crowd, dancing and soaking up the music. Shooting the duo and catching wind of their sound happened easily, and when I saw that for the first time since The Big Up started there were enough glowing people to nearly fill the festival’s concert field, I wanted to be a part of them. I couldn’t help but put my camera down as they raged their “I Need A Dollar” remix, find my friends and enjoy the music.

I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix) by BigGigantic

They cast a beautiful, energetic performance, and their excitement to be a part of TBU was translated through their music and straight into the hearts of the crowd. They certainly brought the rain, blasting into an epic beat in the exact moment that water started to pour from the sky. Everybody felt it. Big Gigantic attacked the festival with “Sky High” and the place went nuts. Nobody ran from the rain this time.

Big Gigantic at The Big Up 2011:

Big Up crowd perspective during Big Gigantic:]

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