Live Review: Bad Rabbits

by | Apr 17, 2012 | Concerts & Festivals, Reviews

Where: at Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA

When: March 20

Highlight: Electrifying performance of new material.

Musically, Bad Rabbits can be considered bona fide Boston legends. For over a decade, the boys have been delivering high energy – and often manic – performances without fail. And although it would be only natural for musicians to grow weary the longer they’re in the industry, Bad Rabbits simply get better with time. They were on point on this particular evening at Brighton Music Hall, with acts Frank White and Bearstronaut serving as satiable openers. As the lights dimmed for BR to take the stage, they received quite the welcome as fans cheered and shouted uncontrollably as each member walked to their respective post. Of course the audience was hit with favorites like “Booties,” “She’s Bad,” and “Neverland.”

But the fivesome also couldn’t wait to debut some of their newer material, which is a lot more grueling and complex than songs they have previously released. Bad Rabbits also displayed their trademark dance moves, and lead vocalist Dua Boakye got so caught up in his own vigor that he dived in the crowd – which isn’t a big deal at all except he had his glasses ripped off his face and destroyed. He was noticeably agitated, though BR’s cover of The Dream’s “Walking On The Moon” was executed perfectly and was heightened even more as Moe Pope came out to lend his graces to the track. The entire evening was an exceptional culmination of the love, hard work, and passion Bad Rabbits perpetuate each time they put on a show. They ain’t called legends for nothing.