Killing California

“No pentagrams, no crosses, just balls”

No Pentagrams No Crosses

San Clemente, CA

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(Basement Records)

Killing California is intense, simple as that. A punk band with metal-guy musicianship, fine-tuned for the Southern California scene. Fans of the group’s earlier records might notice a progression in sound with No Pentagrams; the mix on this record seems to help emphasize the band’s heavier qualities.

Killing California occupies a unique lane of punk music that possesses the ability to appeal to fans of The Casualties while also catching the ear of Slayer fans. What really sets the group off is the great guitar work on this record. Both tone and playing style succeed in making this disc sound like a pure adrenaline rush. Killing California has the definite ability to be a tent pole group for not only their label (Basement Records), but also for the SoCal scene as a whole. Killing California is no frills, no gimmicks, straight up intense rock n’ roll.  It’s punk, it’s metal, and it’s unconventionally Southern Californian. Listen to Killing California and smash people’s faces. [editor’s note – please don’t smash people’s faces. Or at least don’t say we told you to do it. Blame Killing California instead.]

Engineered and Produced by Chuck Dietrich

Recorded at Basement Studios, La Habra, CA

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