Ken Stringfellow

Danzig in the Moonlight

Paris, France via Hollywood

(Spark & Shine)

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“Holy God, ‘Doesn’t It Remind You of Something’ will crush your broken soul with twang alone!”


A former member of The Posies, R.E.M. and Big Star, Ken Stringfellow has had a diverse and respected career both as a performer and producer. His latest solo effort, Danzig in the Moonlight, provides a clear demonstration of his breadth, diversity and depth in songwriting. [editor’s note: this would also make a great title for any Misfits “best of” compilation.] Let’s be clear: this album has a lot going on in terms of musical style and production. There are accordions and guitars and pianos (oh my!). Each track has its own unique (and sometimes dominant) style, making this album a musical resume rather than a singular thematic concept.

Stringfellow explores a variety of styles, ranging from the classically big-American-soul horn section on “Pray” to the simplicity of a traditional country-blues duet with The Head and The Heart’s Charity Rose Thielen on “Doesn’t It Remind You of Something”. Throughout the album, Stringfellow evokes a richness of sound on tracks like “Drop Your Pride,” “Jesus Was an Only Child” and “Superwise,” which the artist attributes both to the quality of the studio as well as his own preference to record live, one-take tracks. Recorded essentially over the course of 12 days last winter, this record promises to have at least one jam on it for everyone.

Recorded at ICP Brussels

Mixed by TheLAB

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