Justin Levinson – “Take My Time”

Justin Levinson
Take My Time
Vergennes, VT

“Genuine singer/songwriter heartbreak & soul-searching”

Soothing and otherworldly, Justin Levinson paints a superb portrait of love, loss and relationships in a grand singer/songwriter indie/folk EP, Take My Time.

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Residing in Vermont, songs like “Time My Time” and “Give It One More Try” deliver solemn, melancholy sounds of heartbreak and breakups, of heavy hearts, and those grieving those who struggle to move on. “It takes everything, not to go back to where I’ve been, because I’ve been so lonesome, forget what’s right,” he sings. The lyricisms here in this little three-song epic are influential and prevailing, the work a talented songwriter, complete with dazzling acoustic guitars, and opulent cellos and plush mandolins. 

“Bid The Rest Goodbye” is a complete work with a country-like full band sound. The groove is more buoyant, with a Southern, Nashville-like swagger, orchestrated with slide guitars, bright bass and percussion.

The songs nicely take on themes of fighting loneliness, failing to love others, friendships that encourage, and the belief not to give up in today’s times. A calming, gentle record, this artist is charming and full of songwriting wit, talented in his role as a modest and genuine poet. Soft and quiet, he is truly soul searching, and steady on the seas and mountain trails one could say. A delight to revisit and add to one’s singer/songwriter collection.

Produced by Colin McCaffrey

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