Jo Henley – “The Fall Comes Early”

06-05-Discs-Jo-Henley-The-Fall-Comes-EarlyJo Henley
The Fall Comes Early
Boston, MA

“Intimate exploration of beauty and the nature of life”

This very acoustic-focused album was produced following the passing one of the band member’s fathers, and is a beautiful collection of songs that explores the themes of nature – such as life, death and everything in between. Although it’s a more melancholy record, The Fall Comes Early highlights the strengths of Jo Henley. It also showcases the strengths of the band that many of their past albums touched upon.

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Between the beautiful lyrics, the tangible emotions and the top-notch musicianship, the album earns itself a place on the shelf in any country-lover’s music room.  The Fall Comes Early places a heavy emphasis on acoustic guitars with minimal electric highlights. But, the country roots are not lost in this album. In fact, they’re extremely potent on tracks like “Never Can See the Sun.”

Making the album that much more intimate, the track list is wrapped up with the instrumental acoustic number “Amazing Grace.” It’s a beautiful conclusion to a beautiful album that discusses issues that are very real to the artists who composed the music. With such fantastic musical features and such prominent lyrics, The Fall Comes Early is an album that can’t be passed up.

Produced by Tim Lynch and Jo Henley
Additional Engineering by Rick Sullivan

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