WATCH: Will Butler Live on Letterman PLUS Our Review of “Policy”

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Indie Rock

will butler policyWill Butler
Montreal, QC
(Merge Records)

Capturing a blend of gritty art-pop, sadcore sensibilities and indie joy, this breakout LP is a bombastic, yet heartfelt bound towards making a name for himself outside of Arcade Fire.

The 8-song release is a giddy departure from Butler’s main role as multi-instrumentalist in the aforementioned AF. Its loose vibe sets a tone of playful artistic liberation that parades around swimmingly, rocking out all the while.

The latest single, “Anna,” is a hyper-catchy, blip-tastic dose of ’80s pop with a hint of stalker lyricism. Slaphappy and upbeat, it’s bound to inspire Risky Business-style living room dancing and synthesizer envy.

With hyper-personal lyrics of doubt, being distracted and wanting a pet fish, Policy is highly accessible both in its upbeat indie ruckus as well as in the beauty of its single-tear ballads. Sonically solid, it is an inventive and stellar debut from this indie chieftain.

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