[VINYL OF THE MONTH] Steilacoom White Dog b/w Sister

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Indie Rock

Our pick for VINYL OF THE MONTH goes to San Francisco’s Steilacoom for their new 7-inch single Sisters b/w White Dog (7-inch)

If you’ve been searching for the missing link between current-day post-punk/darkwave and the glory days of shoegaze and dreary, British “rainy-day” gloom music (we mean that in the most complimentary way possible, trust us), then the new 7-inch from San Francisco’s Steilacoom might just be up your alley.

The single kicks off on the A-Side with “Sister” (or is it “Sisters”?), pulsing forward with the help of bassist Rob Hanson (formerly of Scission). The washed-out vocals, reverb-soaked guitar layers and hypnotic beat form the basis of one of the best shoegaze-meets-The Cure tracks in recent memory.

Flip to the B-Side, and you’re greeted with “White Dog,” the better of the two tracks, if truth be told. It opens with a Bleach-era sounding distorted bass and drum into, then segues perfectly into another rhythmic, hypnotic blend of post-punk-infused hazy melodic lines.

The one-two punch of these tracks would fit perfectly in any late-’80s high school bedroom. Get it on colored vinyl today through the band’s Bandcamp page (there’s 50 gray and 250 copies out there…well, 249 red if you take our copy out of the equation).

Follow online at facebook.com/Steilacoommusic and listen now at steilacoomsf.bandcamp.com