Richard McGraw – How to Suffer Album Review + Stream

Richard McGraw’s How to Suffer is a portrait of the dark and bright times in life through indie folk

New York songwriter Richard McGraw paints a stellar portrait of gentle, touching folk-rock on his latest LP How to Suffer. It’s a delight to hear his sultry, gritty, alluring vocals, complete with simple orchestration over guitars and piano for much of this 15 track record, including the amiable “Infinite Mind” and the lovely “Silver Trays.”

The music speaks of his childhood and growing up, the pains and trails of life and loss, good times of great achievement and times of failure. The songs portray stories of children and their parents, finding a sense of fulfillment, purpose, self-worth in a sad and corrupt world.

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Richard McGraw

Richard McGraw

Here McGraw successfully finds it through the channeling of his lyrics on this album, and with the help of a great team of musicians and artists who collaborate with him, completing the project. “Sadness” and “How to Suffer” detail McGraw’s feelings of coping with turbulent times through music and the healing craft of songwriting. His songs are powerful, full of depth and turbulence, songs meant for reflection.

You’ll hear some soothing whistling, pianos and strings in “Sadness,” as he tries to figure out the mysteries of time, and how he can feel better again. You’ll feel the tug and heartfelt emotion of the weight of losing someone, the pain of broken promises in “Letting Go of Lindsey.” The breadth and scope of How to Suffer is stunning, an album that strikes a deep nerve. It’s sure to be a fitting “how to” example for songwriters hoping to write an inspiring work of art such as this.

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